Hallo! Ahoj! Helló! Hi… A long, long time ago an artist and a fireman walked into a bar…beginning the first of many adventures together.Us

We are Amy & John and we love, love, LOVE, day trippin’ with our cameras, trying to find any off the beaten paths to explore whenever possible. Yes, life is busy, life is stressful, blah, blah, blah… but YOU have the power to step away from the daily BS and go explore and clear your mind. We look to inspire others to step away from life’s routines and go somewhere. Get out and go see some of this magnificent world! It doesn’t have to be a major road trip or expensive vacation.  It could be exploring a local park or part of your hometown that you just never thought to spend an hour or so in.

So GO! Stop, breathe, look around and take it all in. Follow along on our day trips and some of our bigger adventures too. Maybe we will see you out there and buy you a beer!