Oh No, Not Another Couple Traveling & Photographing…

Yep, we love to travel and photograph. But we aren’t 25 and we didn’t just ditch our corporate jobs to live hippie style in the 21st century. We have worked our asses off. Still do. We aren’t running from real life, we face it head on. But dammit, we know how to break away and reboot as needed. And why wouldn’t we? We both have the wanderlust in our veins. When we met a couple of decades ago, I was coming off a tour of moving around and living in eight different areas in ten years which gave me the nickname of Hungarian Gypsy by my very tall other half. I also had been to three continents, five countries and numerous islands.

From the Way Back Machine when U-Turn and F-Stop first met.

I hated to sit still. He thought I was nuts for moving so much.  But as we were growing together, so were our mutual passions of travel and photography. Together we moved three more times and our travels had begun. Ironically, my hometown that I couldn’t wait to leave, brought me back for a few years where I met the tall one who also had a camera and a full tank of gas.

Exploring covered bridges in Pennsylvania.

I hated staying put in the town we both grew up in. I knew when I was 13 that I didn’t belong there and couldn’t wait to get out. I had to go see other towns. States. Landscapes. John took the wheel and I rode shotgun. Hooked! In more ways than one. Soon we were seeking out where to go the following weekend. And the weekend after that. Filling the car with gas and the cameras with film – yep, we started in the film days – off we went!

Our home state is the third state in the union. We are surrounded by history. Travel an hour in any direction and there is a new landscape. Farms, beaches, big cities, small towns, mountains, you name it, it’s within reach without breaking the bank. Why would anyone just sit around when there is so much to see and explore within miles of home?

Louisville, Kentucky, circa 1996.

We always went somewhere and photographed. Friends and family constantly ask us if we ever stay home. They seem to be amazed and in awe sometimes because we just “go” and explore. Everyone should do this, right?

You can guess where this was taken.

It’s a great break from real life and it does the soul good. We haven’t slowed down too much. Life has happened to us in good and bad ways as it does to everyone but now 20 something years later, our kids are bigger than us and we are making new plans to keep moving and seeing and photographing. So come along for the ride. And get out there yourself and show us what you find! Happy Trails!!

Taken during our first trip to Chicago together in 1996.

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